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Berea Term Abroad Application Instructions

Berea Term Abroad refers to a Fall or Spring semester (or an entire academic year) abroad. For summer programs refer to the Summer Abroad Application Instructions.

How Do I Apply for a Term Abroad?

General Information

  1. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and are aware of important policies.
  2. In general, students should apply first for campus approval before applying for admission to the selected program sponsor.
  3. Approval from the CIE is required for all students, regardless of funding source.
  4. Complete campus applications—including recommendations and transcripts—must be submitted by the deadline specified below:
    1. 15 February for Fall Term or Academic Year
    2. 15 September for Spring Term
  5. More information on our our website.

If a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, applications will be due the next business day. Late applications may be considered only on a space-available basis.

Steps to complete an application

Here is an overview of the steps needed to complete an application. For details, see below.

  1. Create an Abroad Office account if you do not have one and update your profile including citizenship, passport, academic information and current address.
  2. In Abroad Office, find and add the program you intend to apply to for the semester in which you wish to study abroad.
    • Fill out all the online forms associated with the program.
  3. Apply to the Program Sponsor (on the program's own website).


  1. Create an Abroad Office Account at
  2. Keep in mind that Education Abroad Peer Advisors are a great resource! Don't hesitate to ask for help.
  3. Find a program in Abroad Office
    1. Using the world map on or
    2. The program search on the lower left of Abroad Office or
    3. Advanced Search at

Application Forms

  1. BUDGET: Using the Budget Form (v2014), create your program budget and upload it to the appropiate form under your program application in Abroad Office.

  2. SPECIAL LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES CURRICULUM PLAN: Complete a Special Learning Opportunities Curriculum Plan in consultation with your academic advisor (or a faculty member in your intended major if you are undeclared or changing majors). Signatures of your academic advisor (or advisor in intended major), department chair, and the Education Abroad Advisor are required. Once you have obtained these signatures, submit the original SLOC to the Student Service Center at least a week prior to the application deadline. Once that office has approved your SLOC and returned it to you, scan it as a PDF and upload it to the appropriate form under your program application in Abroad Office. Students whose SLOC is not approved by the Student Service Center cannot be considered for a term abroad.

  3. RECOMMENDATIONS: In the Application Forms section, identify your academic advisor and another reference on the Academic Advisor Recommendation and Other Academic Recommendation forms, respectively (be sure that you have spoken with those individuals first). The system will then automatically e-mail those individuals with instructions for completing your recommendation electronically through Abroad Office. Recommendations are due by the application deadline.

  4. REQUIRED ONLY FOR CIE-ADMINISTERED SCHOLARSHIP APPLICANTS: Using the Scholarships Application form, write your short-answer essays, then upload your responses to the Permission to Study Abroad form under your program application in Abroad Office (see template for further instructions).

  5. TRANSCRIPT: Upload a non-official copy of your transcript onto your program's application.
    1. Log in to MyBerea;
    2. Go to the 'Academics' tab;
    3. Under the 'Academic Profile' box, click 'Transcript'.
    4. Select 'All levels' and 'Student copy' and hit 'Submit';
    5. Click a blank area of the page and select 'Save as...';
    6. Upload the saved file onto Abroad Office under the 'Academic Transcript' form.

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