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Internships Abroad

Applying to Intern Abroad

This applies solely to students planning to participate in a summer internship abroad for which:

  • Credit is not being granted by a provider other than Berea College (i.e. if the program you are looking into affirms that they can offer academic credit for your internship, this application process is not for you. Refer to Summer Abroad and fill out a regular summer study abroad application);
  • You are working 30-40 hours per week;
  • You are working for 8-10 weeks.

Other programs may call themselves internships and will appear on your transcript as internships (and are indeed internships), but you will not need to go through the extra procedures that a Berea College internship requires/funds.

Applying with the CIE is simply a clearance step, which will allow us to confirm the basic information about your intended international service experience. You must also contact the Internship office and meet all their deadlines and conditions in order to get fully approved.

Required of All Applicants

  1. If you have not done so already, create an Abroad Office account. You must be logged in to your Abroad Office account before you can apply to a program and submit the required forms. Be sure to visit 'My Profile' to complete (or update) your profile, including citizenship, passport, academic information and current address prior to submitting the required application forms.
  2. Using the 'Program Search' tool, search 'Berea College Programs' and 'Summer 2014' (do not select any country) and hit search.
  3. Hit 'Apply' to the right of 'Intern Abroad (v2014)'.
  4. Fill out all the associated forms.

Application Forms

  1. PROPOSAL: For this first stage you will only fill out selected questions on the proposal form. You are not required to know all the details about your internship placement (e.g. site supervisor, contact info). The CIE is simply trying to gather general information about your intended program and the country where you will be interning.
  2. BUDGET: Using the Internship request for funding form, create your program budget and upload it to the appropriate form under your program application in Abroad Office.
  3. TRANSCRIPT: Upload a non-official copy of your transcript onto your program's application.
    1. Log in to MyBerea;
    2. Go to the 'Academics' tab;
    3. Under the 'Academic Profile' box, click 'Transcript'.
    4. Select 'All levels' and 'Student copy' and hit 'Submit';
    5. Right click a blank area of the page and select 'Save as...';
    6. Upload the saved file onto Abroad Office under the 'Academic Transcript' form.
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